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a little joy, a little pain,
a lot of trying to figure it out

Marilyn is a jamband-inspired singer-songwriter who creates songs like impressionist paintings -- stories of home, hiding out, and running like hell. You'll find a little joy, a little pain, a lot of trying to figure it out, as she give us stories -- like Joni Mitchell, Nanci Griffith, and Bonnie Raitt -- of badass adventures through this bittersweet life, from her native rural Oregon.

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  • Summer goes too fast. Haven’t stopped racing around. Quick trip to San Diego next week for work, then an idyllic week after Labor Day at Sisters song camp — will be good rejuvenation. Little girl at the farmers market last month led to a new song, reinforced this last week by listening to ten-year-old Karma, and bar-mitzvah-ing Zeb, and 27-year-old Tongva Meli, all delightful. Listening to Beth Wood under the oaks with the Severs yesterday had me pondering my family home and eternity. The things that happened to me are not unique. Everyone deserves compassion. I am so grateful to be able to see sunshine and leaves.



  • BAND. I continue to play a couple shows a month with my band, Arlene Like Jolene, in the Corvallis, Oregon area. Memorial Day and Labor Day at the vineyard are divine, and third Thursday (usually) each month at Teri's Downtown Dog in Lebanon are always rejuvenating. I'd love to see you fill up with some of that energy! The winery is SUCH a gorgeous place to spend a summer afternoon...
  • JUST ME! I play solo shows regionally in the Northwest a time or two each month. McMinnville! Catch me at your farmer's market July 28! 
  • GEEKING OUT. I am honored to have been asked to play an instrumental version of Leonard Cohen's Bird on a Wire at a friend's wedding in late June, so I'm using learning that song to explore and grow stronger my understanding of relationships between notes and chords on guitar fretboard and piano. Pure Music Geek Happiness...
  • WHAT ABOUT THAT ALBUM? My plans to start studying sound engineering in a class that sadly was cancelled -- wah! -- derailed my plan to use the spring months to connect with a producer and start recording... so stay tuned on the next steps of that high-priority project!
  • WOMEN KNOW WHAT'S UP. And on the purely fun and true path, that house camp I went to in February has led to the wonderful Erika Gabonay Grantz and I starting an intriguing new duo. Watch this space to see what we come up with. I think you will LOVE it. I do for sure...

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Sept 1 Sat, Arlene Like Jolene
All afternoon, Harris Bridge Winery, west of Philomath 

Sept 4-7, Solo
Americana Song Academy, Sisters, Oregon 

Oct 11-14, Solo
Folk Alliance FAR West, Woodland Hills, California 

Third Saturday each month
Arlene Like Jolene
Oct 20 -- Nov 17 -- Dec 15
w/Steve Sever, David Whitaker, Ron Sharman, Kevin Rotkko
6-8, Downtown Dog, 780 S. Main St., Lebanon

Long weekends each year
Memorial Day, Labor Day, & Thanksgiving
Arlene Like Jolene

Afternoon, Harris Bridge Winery, west of Philomath 


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A bittersweet, winding path.... Shining brightly anyway